What does financial freedom mean to you?

Robyn's Story

Robyn was involved in a serious car accident when she was a young adult and has been unable to return to work. Her mother Helen retired early to look after her. They came to us for advice as the road they thought they were on to financial freedom definitely changed. This is how they feel now:

"Financial Freedom is being comfortable that everything is being taken care of. We feel that we have reached that point and that Karen has definitely helped us get there.

We feel very secure and don't worry even though the financial world is up and down. We know that we are going to get through it all."
Robyn & Helen

Ken's Story

Ken has worked hard all of his life and wanted to ensure he was making wise investment decisions that would allow him to retire the way he had envisioned,  Having looked after all of his tax needs throughout his working life, it was only natural he would turn to us to plan for his retirement as well. This is how Ken feels about things:

"Financial freedom to me is when after 40 years of working 56 hour weeks not having to deprive myself. Having put money away through salary sacrificing early in life I am in a position that I have adequate funds to meet my current requirements. At present I feel that I am at that point where I have financial freedom.

I have been with Accountcorp for over 20 years and like that they are accessible and efficient and I like their personal approach.

I have no worries about Karen looking after my money and appreciate that advice costs money. "

Kim's Story

Kim found herself going through a divorce and with all assets tied up, she found herself with no income to live on. With limited work experience after spending the last 20+ years being a stay at home mother, Kim was distraught as to how she was going to pay her bills and look after her family.

We assisted Kim over the 2 years it took to finalise her divorce by organising cash flow and securing a financially secure future. This is how she feels:

"Financial Freedom is having enough money to spend and access to it when I need to. It means that I can go on holidays and have no worries. Karen and Ron have helped as I like to ask a lot of questions and they are always there to help."
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